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Work-Based Learning Experience is a Program

Work-Based Learning Experience



Full program description

What is a Work-Based Learning (WBL) Experience?

  • Typically, this is a paid opportunity offered to students enrolled in a post-secondary academic program providing students with real-life work experiences where they can apply academic and technical skills and develop their employability.

Why should you try WBL?

·        Application of classroom learning in real-world setting

·        Improvement in critical thinking, analytical reasoning and logical abilities

·        Expansion of curriculum and learning facilities

·        Improvement of student awareness of career opportunities

·        Making education relevant and valuable to the social context

Are you Eligible?

To be eligible for Work-Based Learning Experience placement assistance, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Current student status at Augusta University OR Augusta Technical College
  • NOT under academic probation/suspension
  • NOT pending any unfavorable actions
  • NOT pending any investigations for conduct
  • In good financial standing at the institution
  • Willing to obtain a background check (only if institution/school has not provided one)