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Georgia Cyber Center Academy Support Fee (High Schools)

Time limit: 365 days

$300 Enroll

Full program description

What is A Cisco Network Academy?

A Cisco Network Academy represents a partnership among educational institutions, industry, government institutions and non-profit organizations. The purpose of this cooperation is to increase the access to education and career opportunities as well as to provide the adequate number of qualified experts, who are in demand within the ICT industry. Academy Support Center therefore supports the existing and stimulates the foundation of new academies, specifically at educational institutions in Georgia. The foundation of a Cisco Network Academy can improve pedagogical and learning conditions within a school, provide modern knowledge to students and thus improve the basis for their further study or the choice of first employment.


Your alignment with the Georgia Cyber Center's Academy Support Center (ASC) will provide you with the following benefits:

  •  Consulting and supporting the foundation, organization and administrative management of academies
  •  Help in accessing current information, available tools and sources
  •  Help with promotion
  •  Link to the ASC community and other academies
  •  Organization and execution of additional trainings for instructors and/or academy administration (on request)
  • Reporting to Cisco on performance of the academies